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Propolis is suitable as a general health tonic and nutritional supplement, being a rich source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.  It can help the body fight illness as an immune booster and be used topically on burns, scalds, cuts, cold sores, herpes and bruises.

With so many uses propolis makes for a useful addition to everyone’s medicine cabinet and is handy to take on holiday.  Propolis is reported to have antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties. Propolis is also reorted to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti tumour, anti ulcer, liver protecting and immune system enchanting effects.

The antibiotic properties of propolis indicate it has the potential as a natural and safe food preservative agent and disinfectant. Flavonid compounds within propolis may be of benefit to those who lead active lifestyles and athletes and are said to aid in recovery from endurance exercise, particularly in a hot environment. For more information about the amazing properties of propolis, read ‘Propolis Ancient Remedy and Medicine of the Future.’

Allergy Note: While allergic reactions are extremely rare, if you have not taken propolis before we recommend testing 1-2 drops on your skin.

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How do I take it?

Oral Use

Propolis can be taken as a tonic for otherwise healthy individuals. It is suitable for sustained or daily use.

For adults we recommend 5-10 drops in half a glass of water once or twice a day.

To treat an active condition such as flu or a throat infection take this dose 3 times daily.

For children (not suitable for those under 1years old) reduce the dose to 5 drops.

If you find the taste a little medicinal, mix with fruit juice or put in a smoothie. Gargle for sore throat relief and healthy teeth and gums.

External use

Apply topically to burns, scalds, cuts, cold sores and bruises. Use cotton wool or apply directly with fingertip.

For a burns, put several drops on a gauze dressing against the wound.

For eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions, either apply direct or add a few drops to the cream you use. Can be massaged onto scalp for relief of psoriasis.

Beefayre propolis is in tincture form, suspended in alcohol. Due to its antibacterial properties it keeps well, there is no need to refrigerate.

Taken as a daily tonic, 1 bottle should last you a couple of months.


Can I overdose?

Propolis itself has negligible toxicity, is non-irritating and has no known risk of overdose or side effects. 

Can Children take it?

Not suitable for children under 1 years old. For children over 1 year old, you may want to dilute the measure to 3-4 drops in half a glass of water. 

Can pregnant women take it?

Unless you have allergies to pollen or honey, it is safe for pregnant women to take.  If in doubt see medical advice before taking.

What if I have allergies?

A tiny proportion of people may be allergic to propolis and these people may experience dermatitis if it is used topically.  While allergic reactions are extremely rare, if you have not taken propolis before we recommend testing 1-2 drops on your skin.  If in doubt seek medical advice before taking.


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