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Beefayre is a company inspired by nature, the plight of our bees and other pollinators.

Did you know one in three mouthfuls of food we eat is dependant on pollination through the action of our bees? We need to do all we can to learn about them and protect their habitats. Here at beefayre we keep our bees happily buzzing around the meadows we have created, from which we gather our inspiration.

We have ten scents in our collections, offering a delightful choice of candles, diffusers, hand creams, soaps, body wash, body lotion, and lip balms with our new stunning gold bee cards to accessorise your gift choice!

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S A V E  T H E  B E E S ~ We’re loving @bbcradio2’s Big Bee Challenge and this weekend, there’s loads of bee related things you can be doing! 🐝🐝🐝🐝  “This summer we’ve been challenging the nation to help save the bees!  Our world would look very different without our buzzing buddies. They’re vital for a lot of the food we eat: imagine no apples, tomatoes, coffee or chocolate. Our gardens would be a lot less colourful too, because bees pollinate our flowers.  But, our bees are in trouble. Thirteen species in the UK have become extinct, with many more in danger. The good news is that there are things we can ALL do to help.  On Radio 2’s Big Bee Challenge Weekend we’re calling on EVERYONE to get out there and do ONE thing in our gardens, backyards, pots and balconies to help our precious pollinators.  Listen all weekend for guests with top tips, from Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan to Kim Wilde and Drag Queen gardener Daisy Desire - plus your perfect bee-themed playlist!”  Pop to their website and ours for lots of bee helping tips and facts. 🐝🐝🐝
H O L I D A Y S ~ The sun is shining and holiday season is here! 🌞 Whether abroad, nearer to home or a staycation, we can’t wait to have a few days doing absolutely n o t h i n g 🥰  Inspired by @1930s_croft_home’s beautiful pic, tell us where you’re going away this summer. 🏖
F E S T I V A L ~ Eid Mubarak to all our lovely followers in the Muslim community. ♥️
G A R D E N ~ We’re spending the afternoon bee watching at Beefayre HQ. 🐝 Bumbles, honey bees and lots of solitary bees are buzzing about in the flowers. 🌻🌷🌼  Have you seen any bees this weekend? Let us know below!
B L U E B E L L ~ Our sale continues with bath sets plus hand cream for only £20. With three delicious scents to choose from, treat yourself today! 🥰  Link to shop in bio 👆
I T ‘ S  C O M I N G  H O M E ~ We’re very excited to watch the football tonight at Beefayre HQ. 🤩 We’ve told the bees (as it’s obviously very important!) and the girls are convinced of a win. Come on England! ⚽️
T G I F ~ The sun is shining 🌞 and it’s Friday night, with the whole weekend ahead. 🙌 Whatever you’re up to, we hope you enjoy the weather and stop to smell the honeysuckle. 🥰



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