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Bee Tonic


A mixture of bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly and raw Acacia honey.

This is a highly potent nutritional mix, containing an amazing abundance of trace elements and antioxidants.  The power of this pot of honey comes from the synergy of all these beehive ingredients working together in harmony. 

Raw honey is known to be a superb health tonic, energy booster and nutritional supplement.  Ideal for those who live an active or stressful life, great before and after exercise as a rejuvenating tonic.  Also highly beneficial for children (over 1 year old), pregnant or postmenopausal women and the elderly. 

A desert spoon a day keeps the doctor away! Take 2 or more if ill or run down.

Allgery Note: please note this product contains pollen so if you suffer from hayfever or other allergies take a small amount intially or seek medical advice before taking.

PLEASE NOTE: for customers purchasing from abroad, beefayre is not responisble for assessing individual customs requirements.  Some countries may not accept foodstuffs.

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  • Raw Acacia Honey 
  • Pollen Granules  
  • Propolis 
  • Royal Jelly

How do I take it:

One dessert spoon as a daily health tonic.

Three dessert spoons daily recommended for treatment when feeling ill or run down. 

Top Tip: We believe raw honey retains more of its nutrients if it is not heated, so its best not to include in boling hot drinks.  But you can stir a spoon into your warm porridge and great to add to smoothies and shakes to kick start your day at full power! 



Can I overdose?

Propolis itself has negligible toxicity, no side effects, is non-irritating and has no risk of overdose. Furthermore, there may be synergy when propolis is ingested alongside other rejuvenating beehive products such as been pollen and raw honey.  Unless you are allergic to pollen or have severe hayfever there should be no harmful side effects to taking this honey.  If in doubt seek medical advice before taking. 

Can Children take it?

Not suitable for children under 1 years old as it contains honey. For children over 1 year old, its advisable to start with small quantities such as half a teaspoon.

Can pregnant women take it?

Unless you have allergies to pollen or honey, it is safe for pregnant women to take.  If in doubt seek medical advice before taking. 

What if I have allergies?

While it is rare for people to have an allergic reaction, care should be taken if you suffer from pollen allergies and severe asthma. Start with a very low dosage say 1/4 of teaspoon and build up gradually. If in doubt seek medical advice before taking.

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