Bee Conservation

BuglifeBuglife is the only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates, and they are passionately committed to saving Britain’s rarest little animals, everything from bees to beetles, and spiders to snails. Today bugs are under threat as never before and their aim is to help to secure a diverse and wildlife-rich planet for future generations. For more information about the amazing work they do visit their website:
Bumblebee coservation trustBumblebee Conservation Trust also do vital conservation work in the rare bee areas and the general outreach work to help raise public awareness of the plight of the bumblebee. They aim to add much needed wildflowers back into the British landscape; whether it is in people’s gardens or the farming countryside. BBCT were also the inspiration behind our ‘Seeds for Bees’ cards. For more information visit:

Inspiring young minds – The team at Beefayre are available to do talks, lectures and workshops at schools, community centres and fairs. We also welcome visitors to the beefayre garden which is teaming with wildlife. In summer 2015 we plan to plan up a wildflower meadow and create a community allotment for home grown veg and flowers. If you are interested in booking us to do a talk or workshop please call the office on 01858 43 44 92.

Get gardening – We can all do our bit to help bees and other pollinators. By planting lots of different flowering plants that are attractive to insects, you can increase and encourage more pollinator species in your garden. Flowers with short corollas, such as borage, are very attractive to shorter tongued pollinators and honeybees in particular, while Lavender, which has longer corollas, is much more popular with a range of longer tongued pollinators, particularly bumblebees. Bees act as a barometerof the health of our planet. Protect them and we protect our future.

Here are some links and websites you may find useful:

Friends of the Earth:
Bumblebee Conservation Trust:
Bee Guardian Foundation:
The Barefoot Beekeeper:
Pesticide ActionNetwork UK:
Natural Bee Keeping Trust:
Soil Association:


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