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Propolis is an amazing substance made by the bees. They collect the saps and resins from about 256 species of plants and trees in the UK and take it back to the hive in order to sanitise and waterproof their handy work, they have been known to mummify winter invaders such as mice, should they dare enter their hive! Propolis though, is not known in this country but is known as ‘a medicine cabinet in a jar’… This substance has antibacterial, antifungal anti-viral properties and can be taken orally and applied externally. It has a multitude of purposes offering a cure for many topical inflammations and internal upsets! It contains hundreds of different flavonoids which have biological activity, and these will always vary with the species and proportion of species of plants in the vicinity of a given beehive. It seems that the entourage effect of these active compounds produces an effect greater than the sum of their parts, and unlike a single isolated antibiotic, bacteria can’t evolve resistance to it.

I’ve successfully treated two of my friends with diabetic ulcers and another with an infected ulcer that wouldn’t get better. My best success though was a dear friend going through chemotherapy for throat cancer…propolis coated his burning throat and calmed the intense pain after his gruelling treatments…he couldn’t believe oncologists didn’t know about it! Upset tummy’s, mouth inflammation, cystitis are some of the many conditions it can help.

It’s also great for sports people at relieving lactic acid and aiding in recovery in muscles after strenuous exercise (with recent research conducted at Loughborough University).

Being a natural product and impossible to patent or mass produce and we are dependent on honeybees to produce it.

I take it orally the first night of one of my severe sore throats I get each winter…it works every time…I don’t particularly like the taste but once it’s done, it’s magic!

We soaked and prepared our own propolis initially imported from Romania, but now all our propolis for beefayre is now prepared from an ancient family recipe by a beekeeper in Transylvania, Romania.

I’m really keen to know of other people’s stories about propolis, do email me at … I’d love to hear from you




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