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A Cold Easter at Beefayre

Compared to this time last year, the ground is cold and we’ve had little sunshine. So spring, although off to a decent start, has had a set back these few days.

We’ve done a lot of eco restoration in the last few weeks but it’s sadly too cold to plant the new meadow. Fingers crossed for later on in the month. The rain hasn’t helped much either, although we’ve sorted the leak in the top pond with some success!

Birds are still nesting though, Sylvie the swan is now incubating her clutch and we’ve even had a wren under the arch by my studio, nesting in a swallow box I put up a few years ago!

Loads of activity with emerging bumbles; garden, white tailed and buff, but many queens now actively seeking nest sites, often a disused rodent hole.

One of the two sunny days we had a week or so ago, I had a visitor appear in my studio one day, a furry footed flower bee! A very pretty bee and one of the first solitary bees to appear. They can be seen patrolling early flowers, where they eagerly search for a mate! The big crack willow and greengage trees have provided much needed blossom and are feeding many happy bees right now!

Finally, our bed of common dog violet is flourishing beneath the walnut tree. They flower from April til June but it’s only the sweet variety that has that beautiful violet scent!


Sharon x




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