• 10 Smart and Budget-Friendly Ways to Garden

    The Organic Daily Post has amazing tips for saving money and friendly ways to garden, checkout their post on everything from ‘Growing from Seeds, Not Seedlings’ to ‘Growing Organic’. Head to their...
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  • Extracting Our First Honey

    Here at Beefayre we’ve extracted our first Honey from the hives. We’ve been leaving the honey in the hives in order to help the bees, but they’ve made so much honey recently that they needed more s...
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  • Feeding Bees Sugar Water?

    Advice has recently been doing the rounds encouraging people to feed exhausted bees sugar water. This may potentially do more harm than good. Some of this advice seems to have been put out by a ...
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  • Save Our Roadside Verges.

    Our roadside verges having always been a major resource for wildflowers, bees, birds and other wild life  but they are under serious threat from local councils cutting too early in the season. A ...
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  • Propolis

    Propolis is an amazing substance made by the bees. They collect the saps and resins from about 256 species of plants and trees in the UK and take it back to the hive in order to sanitise and wa...
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  • Update On Bee Harming Pesticides.

    So a much needed update on the recent news involving bee harming pesticides....here in the UK at least, the toxicology studies on the pesticides in the past have not been only funded by but also c...
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  • Bee Tonic

    Our Beefayre Bee Tonic is a traditional and ancient Romanian recipe, made up for us in situ in Romania. It is made with raw honey (principally acacia, which doesn’t crystallise, remaining liquid)...
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  • Bee Symposium

    Recently I attended a Mini Bee Symposium at the University of Northampton with Sam Gandy. Sam presented a paper on bumble bee and honey bee competition on lavender. It was an eventful and intere...
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  • Beefayre Honey

    If any one had told me as a child that later in life I’d become a honey snob I’d have looked at them in astonishment and total disbelief! I loathed honey back then. In the research period of Beef...
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  • Waggledance

    I often get asked exactly what the waggledance is... well it’s a fascinating story and illustrates just how remarkable our honeybees are. The waggledance is literally a figure of eight movement ...
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  • Barefoot Beekeeper

    Last week Beefayre hosted their first ethical bee keeping course run by Phil Chandler of Barefoot Beekeeper fame. It was a fascinating, enlightening and interesting course and we all gained a lot f...
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  • Balanced Beekeeping Course with Phil Chandler

    Join  us for a 2 day course on Balanced beekeeping  with Phil Chandler here at Farndon Grange, Market Harborough, Tuesday evening 26th September, until Thursday tea time 28th September. You c...
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