Extracting Our First Honey

Here at Beefayre we’ve extracted our first Honey from the hives.

We’ve been leaving the honey in the hives in order to help the bees, but they’ve made so much honey recently that they needed more space in the hive, so we decided to harvest some! This batch of honey was all wildflower and absolutely delicious.

First we collected the frames of honey from the hive and put them into the radial extractor after removing the wax with a hair dryer.

After spinning the frames the honey drained to the base of the radial extractor and we then sieved it to extract any further wax.

We used a refractometer to measure the moisture content of the honey and it was 16.1% moisture content. It must be below 20% to be sold!

We then bottled 20 jars! Next year we should have surplus to sell.

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