Bumblebees are the first bees we are likely to see this time of year. The Queens are on the wing looking for food supplies and a suitable nest site in which to rear their young. When they¹ve found their nest site (often a disused mouse hole) they will collect pollen to store as food for their young larvae. When they are the right size the larvae will spin cocoons and pupate into adult bees. The queen stores her collected nectar into little wax cups. This will provide her with energy while she incubates her eggs. Buff tailed Queens are the first to be seen of the 7 commoner bumble- bees.

Hopefully this will inspire you to plant and grow early flowering  nectar rich plants such as crocus, heather, aconite, winter rose, Mahonia and hyacinth. Rhs.org.uk provide lots of information on plant choices!

Don’t forget, if you see an exhausted bee give her a tiny drop of sugar solution to drink, this will restore her and she will fly away!

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