Bee Tonic

Our Beefayre Bee Tonic is a traditional and ancient Romanian recipe, made up for us in situ in Romania. It is made with raw honey (principally acacia, which doesn’t crystallise, remaining liquid), bee pollen and propolis. These various products of the beehive are well known for their nutritional and medicinal benefits… consuming them together in this form, one is likely to gain the benefit of an entourage effect, whereby the total effect of these ingredients is greater than the sum of the individual compounds found within. The principal bioactive compounds found in these various beehive derived products appear to be flavonoids, derived from the plants the bees have been visiting. So this paste can be considered as a potent nutritional tonic that may support the immune system and aid in healing. We first heard about it on our first trip there, with some powerful and compelling testimonies of its use being reported. One person had been ill with an inoperable brain tumour, and after a course of the paste, apparently recovered enough to go back to work and resume a normal life.

We have some compelling first hand testimonies from friends who have used this. One person had a very raw throat following a course of chemotherapy for throat cancer. His throat was very painful and he said the only thing to bring him relief was the bee paste and propolis. Another person found the paste brought them profound relief from a human papilloma virus (HPV) throat infection, and someone else found it helped them heal stomach ulcers they were suffering from.

Sam Gandy

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