Barefoot Beekeeper

Last week Beefayre hosted their first ethical bee keeping course run by Phil Chandler of Barefoot Beekeeper fame. It was a fascinating, enlightening and interesting course and we all gained a lot from his experience and the wisdom of Phil’s beekeeping. One of the most interesting facts I didn’t know was that the drones (male bee studs) collect annually in the same location from lots of different hives. No one knows how they know to do this or how they know, it is one of nature’s true marvels! Males all die out year on year so the location can’t be passed on that way and the virgin queen only flies once to mate with up to 20 drones that will provide her with a lifetime…(up to 10 years) of sperm! Simply fascinating!
Phil will be back in the spring to run another residential course. Please email if you’re interested in attending. –  [email protected]

You can discover more about his approach and read many free articles on his web site, You will also find a number of his videos on YouTube.

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