• Beefayre Honey

    If any one had told me as a child that later in life I’d become a honey snob I’d have looked at them in astonishment and total disbelief! I loathed honey back then. In the research period of Beefayre my journey took me to Romania with my son Sam. I met a group of lay priests, all beekeepers producing the most beautiful honey I had ever tasted. My favourite lunch of all time, and I’ve had some pretty swanky lunches over the years, was sitting at a table in a forest apiary with some cheese biscuits, bread, local wine and a comb of fresh honey, taken from the nearest hive to us! It was like being on a magical film set, the soporific hum of hundreds of thousands of bees flying in and out of their hives, in a circular motion, in the forest on a very steep hill! Our honey is raw, unpasteur...
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  • Waggledance

    I often get asked exactly what the waggledance is… well it’s a fascinating story and illustrates just how remarkable our honeybees are. The waggledance is literally a figure of eight movement performed by a foraging bee to her sisters in the hive, to reveal the exact whereabouts nearby of a good nectar, pollen or water source. It was the scientist Karl Von Frisch who first decoded the mysteries of the dance. There is much complicated science behind the dance, the time and frequency of the abdomen wiggles help in indicating direction and location of the flower source, the dancer even releases chemicals into the air. It was Nicolas Unhoch who first described the dance 100 Year’s earlier! I’ve seen them doing this when I’m checking my bees and it never fails to fill me with wonderme...
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  • Barefoot Beekeeper

    Last week Beefayre hosted their first ethical bee keeping course run by Phil Chandler of Barefoot Beekeeper fame. It was a fascinating, enlightening and interesting course and we all gained a lot from his experience and the wisdom of Phil’s beekeeping. One of the most interesting facts I didn’t know was that the drones (male bee studs) collect annually in the same location from lots of different hives. No one knows how they know to do this or how they know, it is one of nature’s true marvels! Males all die out year on year so the location can’t be passed on that way and the virgin queen only flies once to mate with up to 20 drones that will provide her with a lifetime…(up to 10 years) of sperm! Simply fascinating! Phil will be back in the spring to run anot...
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  • Balanced Beekeeping Course with Phil Chandler

    Join  us for a 2 day course on Balanced beekeeping  with Phil Chandler here at Farndon Grange, Market Harborough, Tuesday evening 26th September, until Thursday tea time 28th September. You can choose to visit daily if you live nearby, or reside here on a fully inclusive basis. Food and refreshments will be available throughout the duration of the course. We have an assortment of rooms, 3 large ensuites with two single beds in each and three king en suites for couples, or single use at an extra supplement, so we can sleep between 9 – 12 people very comfortably here. There’s even a swimming pool!  Please email   [email protected]  for further details. Balanced beekeeping is a continuous quest for the improvement of our relationship with bees. It recognises that keeping bees ...
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  • Wildflower meadow interview with Radio Leicester

    Earlier this month Bridget Blair from Radio Leicester interviewed Sharon regarding our wildflower meadow at Beefayre HQ. A hundred years ago, the British countryside was full of beautiful and colourful wildflower meadow.  But a staggering 97 per cent of them have disappeared since the 1930’s, that’s over 7.5 million acres of them. Download link to Radio interview The good news is you don’t necessarily need acres of garden to help plant up habitat.  You can create a really useful food source for all our pollinators by planting up pots on a veranda, or do some ‘guerrilla gardening’ and scatter wildflower seeds on scrappy ground, common areas and verges!  These plants thrive in the margins and don’t need nutrient rich soil or looking after. Sow the seeds and l...
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  • We have a lovely hamper of goodies to giveaway!

    Every month we team up with another company to run a lovely competition giveaway.  This month we’ve got a scrumptious hamper from Mellow Yellow Kitchen – a local grower of rapeseed, who are proudly not using neonicotinoids on their crops. To win their delicious oils and condiments, plus some lovely Beefayre bits, simply like our page, like their page and tag a friend! July’s competition to win a hamper of mellow yellow & beefaye goodies!
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