Bee Friendly

Bee Friendly

Choose a variety of shapes and colours (blue, white, violet, purple and yellow are popular!), sizes and scents.
Single-layered petal flowers are easier for our bees to get to rather than double-layered petal-heavy flowers.
Investigate seasonal plants so our bees are equipped all year. Crocus in the waking Spring, Ivy for the winter.
Lavender, native wildflowers and herb gardens are bee favourites; and it’s always a case of the more the merrier.
Let’s spoil our hardworking bees because more flowers means more bees!
Don’t pick those dandelions! Dandelion pollen is very rich in fats, a very important energy source for bees and other pollinators.
Your bees will love you for allowing your garden to grow a little wild!
Consider investing in some solitary bee nesting boxes, or make your own!
Tree bumblebees may also appreciate a bird nesting box.
Water! Bees get thirsty too. When it warms up a bit, bees will appreciate a bird bath or somewhere where a little rain water can collect.
Pesticides are foe, not friend! Try and use harm-free alternatives instead.
Consider taking up beekeeping as a hobby!



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